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Atmosphere: a state of thought

By Ronald L. Musselman, C.S.

In doing protective work for my partner while she makes an early-morning run to a grocery store this morning, I began with the concept of true atmosphere.

Mary Baker Eddy refers to the “spiritual atmosphere of Mind...”(1), but lest we are tempted to view atmosphere as a passive concept, she also says, “Pure Mind gives out an atmosphere that heals and saves.”(2) What a helpful concept: atmosphere as an active, healing entity! This directly counters the current fear of atmospheres containing harmful microbes. Atmosphere that heals and saves; actively correcting, calming, protecting, and healing our thought about our safety. The spiritual atmosphere of Mind is really all that exists and we are wholly within that atmosphere.

I also looked up the dictionary definition of atmosphere and was reminded of a very spiritual aspect, in addition to gasses around a planet: “the character, feeling, or mood of a place or situation.”(3) Are we in an atmosphere of fear or one of feeling safe? Do we have an atmosphere of uncertainty or one of calm around us? Is our mood one of hesitation or one of confidence in God’s protection?

Since atmosphere is really a state of thought, let’s keep in mind what’s true about our atmosphere: it reflects the healing and saving presence of Mind and Love. It’s the active confidence of knowing we are always safe.

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2. Misc. p. 260:25–26 (to 1st .)


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