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“Stubborn” problems

By Ronald L. Musselman, CS

When we say that a particular problem is stubborn, we give that problem power: power to resist good, power to foil our best intentions, power to evade healing. What are we doing? We’re giving power to an imaginary entity that is the opposite of God, the opposite of Truth, and the opposite of Life.

The fact is, that an illness or other negative situation has no power, has no existence since it doesn’t reflect, isn’t based upon, God.

So, when we identify a problem as stubborn, we’re really describing our own thinking, our attitude toward God, Love. Perhaps we’re even being stubborn or resistant to the fact of the allness of God. We’re pointing out that we believe in a power opposed to God. The instant that we see this correctly and clearly understand that there is no power opposed to Spirit, Love, Mind, then the belief or mirage disappears. Instantly.

There is nothing left to be stubborn.

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