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This beautiful and perfect thing

By Shawn Baker

I was in my kitchen holding a head of bok choy when I was suddenly captured by its leafy perfection. It was well shaped and its color was vibrant. I spoke to it. I told it, It was beautiful and thanked it for growing for me and nourishing me. I was surprised to feel love and gratitude for this tender expression of beauty.

I'd been having difficulty with family members for over a week and had been very sad and praying about it.

As I continued to hold the lovely plant, the more perfect it became to me. I thought... God made this. He made this perfect and beautiful thing. Suddenly I felt God’s pure love enter my consciousness. And in the next moment, I saw that each family member was made of this same Love, this same tenderness and beauty. This love that could only be God. And that was what all of us were made of. The idea filled my consciousness for but a glimpse of a moment, long enough for me to feel a kind of rejoicing and awe, and happiness and then the phone rang! But my sadness had left me.

As I thought back on that moment, I saw that there was no judgement in that Love. No criticizm. No sadness. No lack or feeling of incompleteness. Nor was there any need there at all. Or any desire. It was whole and finished and ongoing. There was no end to it. no tapering off. It was constant. Like a fact.

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