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Sunday School - a place to explore God

Children under Sunday School age are cared for in our Children's Room.


Children naturally love God. They want to know more about their Father-Mother God, His guiding presence in their lives, and their own spiritual identity. Students learn of God’s love and care for them through the stories of the people in the Holy Bible who turned to Him and lived by His laws.

They learn about the Bible and the truths locked within it that can keep them healthy, happy, and safe.


They learn the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and Jesus’ parables. Not just the words, but their deeper, spiritual meaning—and how to put them into practice.

They learn the seven synonyms—the seven Bible-rooted names for God that help make Him/Her more understandable.

Sure, they learn about Jesus and Moses, David and Joseph, and Elijah and Elisha, Mary and Martha, and Peter, James, John, and Paul, too!

Seven synonyms for God . . .

All your children are welcome!

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Parents give the gift of Bible study and spiritual enlightenment by enrolling children in our Sunday School, which meets during our church service.  Young people up to the age of 20 are enthusiastically welcomed into our very active Sunday School - every week at 10:30 am.

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Sunday School students gain a knowledge of how to turn to God for guidance, protection and healing. Students learn about Jesus’ life, his ministry and his healing work. They examine the spiritual basis of God’s laws, learn how to pray, and discover how to heal as Jesus taught. Students learn about the principles of Christian Science as found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. The lessons learned in Sunday School are the foundation for a spiritual, progressive and healthy life.

Youth Resources

Are you a teen or young adult looking to connect with other spiritual thinkers?  Or maybe you’d like to join a college group, attend a youth spiritual summit meeting, or find a local Sunday School.  It could change your life.  Whether you're a student of any age, parent, or Sunday School teacher, you'll find a wealth of resources on the "Youth" page on Christian A few of the engaging topics you'll find on this page include:​

  • What is Sunday School?

  • Sunday School resources

  • Christian Science Organizations on college campuses around the world

  • Christian Science magazines

  • Discover the Bible Lesson

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