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Be still, and know that I am God...

- Psalms 46:10


How Can I Be Healed?

Mother and Baby

Some Timely Topics

Do you wish you could be healed? If you need help with a health issue, finances, a relationship, or anything else, the Bible gives us a promise of healing. Healing that’s based on timeless spiritual laws. Anyone can learn and apply these spiritually scientific ideas and experience God’s goodness.

This information on the website will help you on your road to healing, and improve your understanding of God and your true identity as His beloved expression.

Daily Lift

The Christian Science Daily Lift podcast contains life stories and spiritual lessons from people just like you. Each Lift shares a healing idea that can bless you and help you bless others — all in just a few minutes.


The Daily Lift has new episodes Monday through Friday. You can subscribe to the Daily Lift on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or get the Lift in your email inbox.

A few recent titles: Every day can be Independence Day, Our most precious freedom, We're never stuck in the mud, Truth speaks all languages.


Christian Science Practitioners


Pictures of CS Practitioners from their websites.

Christian Science Practitioners have demonstrated that prayer can make a difference, and dedicate their lives to praying for others.  They advertise their professional healing practices to the public online, and are listed in The Christian Science Journal.  Some have personal websites with detailed information about themselves and their practice.


CS Practitioners have taken and in-depth course in spiritual healing with an authorized Christian Science teacher (CSB), and have a proven track record of helping people experience God's healing presence and power.  They are available to talk with you, meet with you, and above all, to pray with you for healing of any type of problem.

This is a direct link to our worldwide directory that will help you find a CS Practitioner to work with you.

Christian Science Nurses

Christian Science nursing is a religious vocation that is distinct from registered or licensed nursing. It provides spiritual reassurance and skilled, practical, physical care to those who are relying on Christian Science prayer for healing, also known as Christian Science treatment.


This prayer-based treatment specifically applies the laws of God that were evident in Christ Jesus’ ministry to address all kinds of challenges, including those involving health. Jesus proved that healing happens when consciousness is more anchored in the authority and laws of God than in material conditions, and healing results.

Christian Science nurses are first and foremost dedicated Christian Scientists. They are trained to provide practical care that meets the patient’s physical need and is consistent with the theology of Christian Science. The heart of their work is to minister to a patient’s spiritual need for love, comfort, and healing. Click here to learn more about CS Nursing and CS Nursing facilities.

You may also be interested in bringing Christian Science Nursing into your home.  The Christian Science Nurse Connections website is a helpful resource for your support.


The nurse should be cheerful, orderly, punctual, patient, full of faith, — receptive to Truth and Love.

—Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 395


Christian Science Teachers and Class Instruction

Reading Bible

Christian Science teachers are experienced CS practitioners who have completed Normal Class for Christian Science and teach others how to heal and apply the teachings of Christian Science more fully in their lives.


They teach one 12-session class annually, referred to as "Class Instruction".  This class equips students to be effective Christian healers, based on the method of spiritual healing Jesus taught his disciples.


In class you will study the questions and answers in the chapter "Recapitulation" in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Supplemental course material includes citations from the Bible and other writings of Mary Baker Eddy.

Teachers hold a one-day "association" meeting of their students for an inspirational address, answer questions, and continue their support of students' spiritual progress.


Click here to search the online directory of Christian Science Teachers


Some of the CS Teachers in the directory are shown in the slideshow (not visible on mobile devices)


Christian Science Publications

Christian Science Sentinel

The articles and first-hand accounts of healing in the Christian Science Sentinel show in practical terms how Christian Science can bring healing to any situation. Each edition focuses on a relevant topic such as health, finances, peace, employment, security, and relationships.

Christian Science Journal

The Christian Science Journal includes articles which share spiritual insights and healings written by those who faithfully practice Christian Science.  Learn more about how cultivating an ever-increasing understanding of God’s love blesses, enlightens and heals.

Bible Lessons
(monthly & quarterly)

The weekly Christian Science Bible Lessons are designed to bring comfort and healing and are studied daily by Christian Scientists around the world. Each Lesson is made up of Bible verses that are explained and complimented by related passages from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.


The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald Online — The Christian Science Publishing Society presents a whole new way of studying, searching, sharing, and subscribing to the Christian Science religious magazines—and all on one, easy-to-use website called!


"The object of the Monitor is to injure no man, but to bless all mankind" -Mary Baker Eddy

The Christian Science Monitor is a news weekly that confidently confronts today's complex and changing world.


The Monitor imparts understanding with insight, intelligence, and integrity.

This award-winning international newspaper is respected for its insightful and unbiased reporting. There's a daily online version delivered by email and a weekly print magazine.  You can also read the Monitor on its website and mobile site.

The CS Monitor

Looking for more?

Still looking for more information about Christian Science to clear up your questions?  You may want to explore the website.  Here are few of the topics you'll find there:

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